List Rules
By admin - Date: 2002-09-10 10:23:59

The Topics, and general guidelines the list is about.

1) This list is devoted to the Working European GSD with an emphasis on the East German Shepherd Dog. This means all aspects of it including, but not limited to the following; Search & Rescue, Police K-9, Service work, Herding, and all sports including Ring Sport, KNPV, Agility, Obedience and Schutzhund. This list is not a place to condemn any lister for his/her participation or lack of such in any of the above.

2) No list member is allowed to flame, attack or belittle any other person, whether a DDRGSD member or not, at any time on the list. (Remember, attack ideas, not people)

3) PROFANITY in any form will result in you being removed from the listserver. Messages that demean any form of Sex, Religion, Race, Ethnic origin, Disability or any other group as covered by Federal Civil Rights laws are not tolerated. Occasional humor is OK, but let's keep it politically correct and it must be about dogs.

4) No Advertising of Puppies, Dogs, Import Services, or anything else is allowed on the list. The only exception is dog rescue ads as outlined below. Please use the classifieds on the DDRGSD.COM or Workingdogs.com websites if you need more exposure.

5) No commercial advertising is allowed. Rescue Ads are OK from true Non-Profit GSD Rescue Organizations. Non-profit fund raisers need list owner approval.

6) Absolutely no attachments of any kind... including text, graphics and audio or visual files attached to a signature line.

7) Make sure your mail program is configured to send messages in ASCII, or it may be called TEXT. In other words, don't send messages in HTML, MIME or Rich Text Format (RTF) or use colors and other formatting characters that are specific to your mail program. The LISTSERVER does not support it, and they only increase bandwidth without adding anything to the meaning of the printed word and make it difficult for many members to read or deal with.


8) NO SPAM! In other words, don’t forward emails to the list! You know the ones…..they usually say something like….”please forward this to all the other lists you’re on!”. Do NOT forward them to DDRGSD. Do not forward Virus warnings to the list, most received via email are hoaxes. If you know for a fact a virus warning is real, contact list admins to get permission to forward it.

9) Brags are fine but *all* congratulatory responses to them are to go private to the original poster.

10) A favorite rule of thumb....Before you send a post to the list ask yourself the following.....

  • Is this post related to the European German Shepherd Dog?
  • Will this post be of interest to over 400 other members?
  • Is this post directed to all the members of the list, not just one individual? If you have answered YES to all of the above then please send your post to the list. If not, rethink, reword or delete, but do not send it to the list.

    11) DDRGSD is not a place for "cutesie" doggie stories. Keep it to serious gsd discussion. The list is to stay "ON TOPIC" at all times. No off topic posts are *ever* to be sent to the list.

    12) Messages posted to the list are considered copyrighted to the person who posted it, therefore you must have the posters permission to forward anything from the list.

    Breaking any of the rules is grounds for termination from the list.

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