List Rules - Etiquette
By admin - Date: 2002-09-10 10:23:36

Survival guide to make sure everyone gets the most out of the list.

This is by no means set in concrete and may be modified in the future. This covers most of what's needed. Please mail any additions or corrections to fred@quess.com


Advertising is not allowed.


As with most other newsgroups and lists, flaming or personal attacks will not be allowed and you will be directed to take such to private email with the parties involved.

However, there is often a misunderstanding of what a flame actually is. A flame is a personal attack on another, such as, "You're a real moron! (or worse)" A flame is not a strong disagreement with another's position, such as "You know that's a really asinine thing to do!"

It is expected that everyone will always treat each other with dignity and respect, but if you really find someone's posts distasteful even though they stay within the list rules, then put him/her in your Twit list and then you won't have to read them ever again! Most good mail programs have twit lists; some may call it the Ignore file.


Many people add a signature file at the end of each of their messages. It's a great way to get your contact info out in front of others. Feel free to place your name, phone


Always put your response above the quoted message. This way it is much easier for folks to read.

Quoting a message is very useful when communicating in mailing lists, and it can be done quite stylishly.

Do not ever, just push the reply button and quote an entire message! It looks bad, makes your message much more difficult to read, and wastes bandwidth. Quoting 40 unnecessary lines in a message, besides looking terrible, translates to 8,000 unnecessary lines across a 200-member email list!

When replying to a message, it is proper to quote a small portion of the other message so that others will be able to follow the thread. It is NOT necessary, nor is it desirable to quote an entire message, or too large a portion of an original message. It is considered the height of bad form to quote an entire message of perhaps 50 lines, than add a small reply like, "I agree." Generally quote only a small significant part of the original message. NEVER quote any part of the original poster's SIGNATURE file or the trailer that the Listserver appends to the list.

Read before replying to messages. Read all of your listserver mail BEFORE replying to a message, and if the solution has been posted already, don't post it again.


Keep the original subject line when replying to a message. That way everyone can sort by subject and follow the entire thread of a message. It is OK to leave the RE: that most mailers insert in the beginning of the subject line as most mailers deal with it and when sorting by subject will group the RE:'s with the original message.




You may know who xyz@tryit.com is, but no one else does. Always insure that your name and company are contained in messages to the list.


Make sure your mail program is configured to send messages in ASCII, or it may be called TEXT. In other words, don't send messages in HTML, MIME or Rich Text Format (RTF) or use colors and other formatting characters that are specific to your mail program. The LISTSERV does not support it, and they only increase bandwidth without adding anything to the meaning of the printed word and make it difficult for many members to read or deal with. Please do not attach files to your messages. If you wish to email an attached file to someone, send it to them directly! The reasons for this are two: 1. It too greatly increases bandwidth and it's likely that not everyone on the list will be interested, and 2. Because emailed file attaches are a way to transmit virus programs and trojan horses to other computers. A corollary to this is that you should never open an emailed file attach unless it is something you are expecting, from someone you know and trust. If you have a file that you wish members to be able to download, if can be uploaded to the private file area.


Please post messages that are appropriate for the list, this list is meant for information about dogs and related topics.. It is not meant for discussions about the weather or traffic jams in L.A.

Message content is owned by the person posting it, and may not be sent to other lists or people without the owners permission.

We all appreciate everyone's input on the listserver, but short messages to another such as Thank You or other non-essential messages should be sent directly to the person it was intended for, not the entire list. Brags are fine, but lets keep the congratulatory messages private.

PROFANITY in any form will result in you being removed from the listserver.

Messages that demean any form of Sex, Religion, Race, Ethnic origin, Disability or any other group as covered by Federal Civil Rights laws are not tolerated and will also result in you being removed from the list.

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