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By admin - Date: 2002-11-24 13:57:41

How would you like your own website that is easy to maintain and add things to from your browser?

DDRGSD.COM is a good example of what you can have for as little as $5.95 per month! Read the rest of this article for details.

This site is run with what is called a Content Management System. You can change logo's, color schemes and various other options to make it your own, but then it retains the same look and feel regardless how many pages you add through its web interface. Virtually everything you see here is all configurable through the admin login, adding features, articles, links etc. With our new Peak Web Hosting plans we will provide you with the basic CMS package and 5 email addresses for your domain for $5.95 per month! For more features like the Photo gallery we run, message forums and more, we do suggest our $12 per month package so you have enough space for all the pictures you wish to upload.

All of our sites are pop-up ad free!

To get more details on what we provide visit Peak Web Hosting and look at the Feature Plans! By the way Peak Web Hosting is also running a CMS package like we can provide!

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