Sixth Annual HGH Herding Competition
By admin - Date: 2002-10-06 09:59:33

THE SIXTH ANNUAL HGH HERDING COMPETITION WILL BE HELD ON OCTOBER 12th 2002 from 9 AM until 4 PM on the 13TH from 9 AM until 12 PM. The hosting club will be again the First HGH Herding Club (formerly Erster HGH Hüteverein).

The flock of at least 200 sheep will be provided by Beth Johnson and Ulf Kintzel, White Clover Sheep Farm. The course will be set up at a former 4H camp, now part of High Point State Park. The course will include a real bridge, a real narrow road and a real road to do the traffic.

On Saturday, October 12th at 8 AM the judge, chairperson and the competitors will walk the course. Here, the handlers will get familiar with the course and they can ask questions about the it. The competition will start shortly after.

For further information. Just e-mail me at Ulf@sheep-herding.com. You can also request to be put on our events mailing list.

Here are the directions to the trial facility:

From Route 80: (coming from West) Take
Route 94 or Rt. 206 through Newton. (Coming from East) Take Exit 34B, continue
on Rt. 15 N (17.3 mi.). Continue on 206 N (2 mi.) towards Branchville. Take
exit Branchville onto Rt. 630 (.9 mi.). In Branchville make a right onto 519N,
post office on corner. You will be making a left at 1.1 mi. and 7.5 mi. in
order to stay on 519N. At 9.7 mi. make a left just after "By-acre dairy" farm
onto Nielson Rd. (.8 mi.) *** The former 4H camp Beemerville is on Nielson Rd.
Park your car on the right hand side in front of the buildings. The entrance to
the camp is just on the opposite side (stone gate).

From Route
Take exit 3W. Follow Rt. 6W to Rt. 284 to Sussex. In Sussex turn right
onto 23N. Stay on 23N past Sussex. Make a left onto 519 S. Just before "By-acre
dairy" farm make a right onto Neilson Rd. See *** ABOVE


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